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Student Service Team

Paws with a Cause is a school-based, team for high school students. Students design and implement service learning activities within the MSAD 51 community and the larger southern Maine area. This team functions like a sports team regarding eligibility and student leadership.

Co-Captains and senior student,  Kylie and Colline, earn their Varsity "G".

Seniors, Kylie Josephson and Colline Kopacz, were awarded their varsity "G" on April 5, 2019. Both have been active members of the Paws with a Cause team since freshman year. As co-captains this year,  they facilitated a Friday after school "girls group". In this group elementary students learn dog handling skills and participate in pro-social arts and craft activities.


Beach Chair for Former Greely Student

Members of the Paws with a Cause team raise $2,300 to purchase a custom Sand Rider beach wheelchair for former Greely Student Brit Ireland.  Senior students Matt Morgan, Maggie Dickey, Kaitlyn Currier, and Christin Weatherbee made and sold doggie bandana's and sold t-shirts to raise the funds needed to purchase the chair. This chair enabled Brit, who graduated from Greely in 2006 to experience being at the beach and to feel waves on her feet for the very first time. Brit received her chair in June of 2016 at Forest Lake, Maine.


Jade goes to School

"Jade goes to School" is a children's book created by Kylie Josephson and Colline Kopcz. The theme os the book is the Sand Hook Campaign, "It starts with Hello." The book aims to encourage young students to say, "Hello" to other classmates that may be sitting by themselves or simply having a hard day. The books shares messages of inclusion and compassion. In this photo Kylie is reading the book to a group of elementary students.


Freezin' For A Reason

Team members take a plunge into Highland Lake in Bridgton, Maine to raise monies for the Harvest Hills Animal Shelter Annual Freezin' for a Reason Polar Dip. Students Isobel Fresne, Marika Stayte, Stephanie Poulin, Danielle Corrow, Diane Fossett, and Lindsay Burton raised over $500 for the local animal shelter. January 2010.

Freezin' for A Reason
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